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Get 30 days free plus 40% off Lili Smart fee for 3 months

Get 40% off Lili Smart fee for 3 months

Streamline your business accounting

Managing your accounting and payments in one platform simplifies your bookkeeping and gives you a clear picture of your financial position.

A three-dimensional stack of Lili's Accounting Software app screens above Lili's business banking mobile app, displaying financial insights, invoicing software and the Tax Bucket.
Transaction categorization
Instantly categorize transactions as they happen so you can ensure your books are accurate and always up to date.
bill pay
Straightforward payment management2 with automated reconciliation that keeps you in control of your cash flow.
Financial insights & reports
Auto-generated financial insights and reports including expense, P&L and cash flow statements, available in your Lili account2.
Conveniently attach receipts to each transaction in your Lili account with a quick photo from your phone, and add notes.

Accurate accounting, simplified process

Categorizing transactions as you go is not only convenient, but it means greater accuracy in your bookkeeping and financial reporting, all of which will help maximize business tax deductions.

The main screen of Lili's accounting software via the web platform, displaying a list of transactions, expense categories, and the ability to mark each transaction as business or personal.

Smart bookkeeping powered by Lili AI

Instant transaction categorization means organized books.

Instead of having to transfer data between your bank and accounting platform, and manually categorize past transactions, all it takes to keep your books up to date with Lili is a quick swipe in the Lili platform whenever you use your Lili Visa® Debit Card. And, with predictive transaction categorization2 powered by Lili AI, categorization becomes truly instant. Those categorizing swipes will also automatically generate financial reports and insights2, and streamline your tax preparation.

Smart bookkeeping with Lili AI

App Integration

Securely connect external accounting platforms to Lili

If you already use a third-party accounting solution, you can easily connect it with Lili and avoid any disruption to your business operations.

Make payments faster
and smarter, and
optimize your cash flow

Stay in control of your cash flow with a Bill Pay solution that enables you to pay vendors faster, automates reconciliation, and syncs with your Lili bookkeeping.

Make unlimited business payments with no additional subscription fees2.

"Lili is so helpful for running a small business. They take tasks and simplify them."
Noa West
Owner, NOA

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add money to my Lili account?
Can I add a DBA to my Lili account?
How do I link my Lili account to my other bank account?
How can I link payment apps to my Lili account?
Will I receive monthly statements for my Lili account?

You can add money to your Lili account by selecting “Add Money” in the main menu of the Lili platform and choosing any of the following methods:

  • Connect your Lili account to a payment app like Venmo, PayPal or Cash App
  • Set up direct deposit (under “Get Paid” in your Lili account menu)
  • Receive an ACH transfer
  • Link your Lili account to your account at a different bank
  • Deposit a check by scanning it with your Lili mobile app