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Get 30 days free plus 40% off Lili Smart fee for 3 months

Get 40% off Lili Smart fee for 3 months

Make payments faster and smarter

A faster way to pay your vendors, keeping you in control of your cash flow. Streamlined payment management that automatically syncs with your Lili bookkeeping2.

Scan & upload
Simplify adding bills–upload your bill as a file or a picture and the bill details will be captured and entered automatically.
Faster payment delivery
Take advantage of the speed of ACH transfers, and time your business payments to optimize your cash flow.
Bill & vendor management
Track unpaid bills, view payment history, record payments made offline, and duplicate bills for quicker repeat payments. 
Automated billing reconciliation
Your books are automatically updated as soon as a bill has been paid, eliminating the need for manual recordkeeping.

Manage bills, payments, and banking in one place

Managing your money and payments in separate places means added steps in the payment delivery process. With Lili, managing payments where you bank means moving your money seamlessly and quickly, so you can make payments at the speed that suits your business.

Process bills in seconds

Scan or upload bills and eliminate manual data entry

Accelerate the process of adding bills by uploading them as files or photos–the payment details will be extracted and filled in for you through the use of OCR technology.

A Lili customer uploading a bill file for scanning, so the payment details can be extracted and automatically filled in through the use of OCR technology.
A Lili customer viewing bill payment options:

Increase control over payments

Pay directly from your Lili account or record payments made offline

Determine the method and timing of payments based on how it best serves your business. Send payment instantly via ACH transfer from within the Lili platform, or pay offline and record the payment details via the Bill Pay hub. And, conveniently send payments on the go using the Lili mobile app.

Consolidate your accounting processes

Your books are automatically updated as soon as you make a payment

Benefit from managing payments within a platform that offers built-in accounting and tax preparation software, facilitating automatic billing reconciliation and seamless expense categorization, enabling you to effortlessly keep your books organized.

Screens from the Lili platform, showing the ability to categorize payments made using Lili's Bill Pay solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I keep track of my bills?
What payment methods are available to use with Lili's Bill Pay solution?
Can I use Lili's Bill Pay solution on desktop or mobile?
Is there a limit to the amount of bills I can pay?

You can keep track of your bills conveniently in your Lili account, in the “Bill Pay” section of the platform.