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Free Photography Invoice Templates

Avoid stress about invoicing with out downloadable templates and focus on what you do best—capturing stunning photos for your clients.

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Free invoice templates for photographers

What Should Be on an Invoice for Photographers?

Wondering how to write an invoice for your photography services? Your skills are worth every penny, and the photography invoice you send to clients should articulate that. Your invoice should include itemized descriptions of each service you’re providing that ultimately leads to the end product: the photos. Services and items you may bill for include:

  • Time photographing the event or location
  • Photoshop
  • Developing photos
  • Rental equipment
  • Printed photos, special prints, or photo albums
  • Licensing fee
  • Creative fee
  • Travel expenses
  • Additional photographer or assistant

There may be additional items as it relates to your industry. For example, wedding photographers may bill for an engagement photo session or a pre-wedding meet-up at the venue. Real Estate photographers may also consult on staging and bill for additional time. Commercial or freelance photographers can charge for greater post-production needs and contracting their own models. Be sure to list each individual charge separately and include a brief description of the service.

Prepare your invoice template first by personalizing it to your photography business. Upload your business logo, adjust colors and fonts, and input information about your business. Not sure what other information your photography invoice should include? Here are the essentials:

  • Your Contact Information: Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, Website
  • Your Client’s Information: Name or Business Name, Email, Phone Number, Address
  • Unique Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date: The date the invoice is sent, not the date payment is due
  • Service Details: Description of service, date performed, billing rate (flat fee or hourly calculation), invoice terms (late fees, etc.)
  • Due Date: The date payment is due
  • Personal Note: Although not required, as a consultant this is a great way to boost client retention and leave the recipient with a positive impression
  • Payment Details: How your client can fulfill the invoice

Ultimately, the goal of your invoice is to bill your client. The simpler you can make it for your client to pay you, the faster you’ll get paid! Include detailed steps guiding them in submitting payment, whether through an external payment method or via ACH. With Lili, you can connect Stripe, Venmo, Cash App, PayPal to make it even easier for clients to pay you quickly!

Download Free Photograpy Invoice Templates

Lili Invoicing Software


Special events have you traveling all over your state (or possibly the country), and you should be properly compensated for your efforts! Whether you’re capturing the big game, an annual conference, or a private event, use this invoice template to bill for everything from photography to parking and everything in between.


No one is equipped to photograph your couple’s love story quite like you are! They fell in love with your photography style before they even met you, and now it’s your chance to show them they made the right choice. Capture everything they need to know about paying you quickly and easily with this wedding photography invoice template.

Real Estate

Your photos are a home buyer’s first impression of a real estate property, making them an essential selling point! You are well-versed in the art of selling through visuals, making your service invaluable to real estate professionals and sellers alike. Whether invoicing an agency, agent, or the seller, this template is customizable to suit your needs!

Corporate & Advertising

Your clients expect a polished, professional result when they hire you for their corporate and advertising needs. Your photography reflects their business ideals perfectly, but you need an invoice template that brings the same level of quality to your clients. Focus on what matters (the client) with this clean, straightforward template.


You take photos in order to tell stories. Sometimes it’s a classic photojournalism hot take, other times it’s for a professionally commissioned photoshoot. This template makes billing for every hour and expense quick and easy while providing a high-end experience for your clients that will impress them with your professionalism.

Why Photographers Need Professional Invoices

Anyone can snap a picture, but what you do is true artistry! The skill and talent you bring your clients is unmatched by DIY alternatives, making it essential for capturing the moments they never want to forget.

Everything your client sees from your business should reflect your style and your professionalism, and that includes your photography invoice! When it comes to both photography and invoicing, the skill is in the details. That’s what takes you from hobbyist to professional photographer.

Send professional invoices with Lili and make getting paid the smoothest part of your business!

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Photography Invoice

  • Failing to send the invoice promptly after the contract is signed. Give your client a reasonable amount of time to pay you before the shoot.
  • Invoicing after the event or project is complete risks not getting paid. Secure your payments by billing your clients for a retainer before their photo session.
  • Not itemizing services can leave your client wary of a large bill, especially if it includes additional items they didn’t expect (i.e. travel expenses)
  • Identifying retainer and final payment invoices so your client knows another bill is coming after the initial retainer.
  • Not providing electronic payment options makes it difficult for clients to pay you, especially if they don’t live nearby.
  • Not backing up invoices in the cloud or with invoicing software not only makes it difficult to keep track of multiple invoices, but also means you won’t be able to access invoices easily from any location.
  • Not following up on past due invoices. Your client likely has a lot of moving parts to their event or project, so don’t let your invoice go forgotten.
  • Not using invoicing software. While you can invoice with free templates, your clients will appreciate a system designed to make submitting payment easy.

Which Invoice Format is Better for Photographers?

Once you understand how to create an invoice, you should consider which format is best for you and your photography clients. From word processors to spreadsheets, invoice templates are available in a variety of formats to suit your photography business’s needs.

Word and Google Docs Invoice Templates

Customizable invoice templates in these word processing applications include pre-built fields and lines that are easy to fill and send, though you must manually input all information yourself due to a lack of formula capabilities. This makes them less than ideal for photographers, who often have several clients and projects and require something more efficient.

Excel and Google Sheets Invoice Templates

These spreadsheet platforms have free invoice templates with an element of automation, as they include formulas to automatically calculate quantities and totals. This formula functionality makes filling and sending multiple invoices a breeze, saving you time on the accounting side of your photography business.

PDF Invoice Templates

Not every client will have the proper software to properly view your invoice, but PDF templates solve that problem by helping you create a photography invoice that is easy to print out or email to your clients. Although PDFs are great for clients, they can be more difficult to adapt for individual invoice needs.

Lili's Invoicing Software vs. Free Invoice Templates

Undecided about what invoicing solution to choose? You can save time and take your business to the next level by using Lili’s Invoicing Software. Here’s a useful comparison between the two invoicing options:

Printable for clients
Email invoices to clients
Generate custom invoices
Accept any payment methods
Track invoice payment status
Automated payment reminders
Mobile invoice management
Lili Invoicing Software
This feature is available
This feature is available
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Free Invoice Templates
This feature is available
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This feature is not available
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Send professional photography invoices with Lili and simplify getting paid!

How Invoicing Software Helps Photographers

Invoices customized to your brand

You’re all about a beautiful aesthetic, and your invoicing should reflect that! With Lili’s Invoice Generator software, you can create professionally customized photography invoices quickly and easily that further demonstrates your visual eye.

Manage multiple invoices with ease

With clients booking all the time, you need a secure place to track and manage your invoicing. With Lili’s Invoicing software, you can even save client details to make sending multiple invoices for paying in installments or repeat clients a breeze.

All payment methods are welcome

Just as your clients’ photography needs may vary, their preferred methods of payment may vary, too. Lili’s Invoicing software keeps it simple with the ability to get paid via any method: debit & credit cards, ACH, Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, and even checks.

Invoicing software will take your photography business to the next level with automated integrations and a streamlined client experience. Here are just a few of the key benefits:

  • Invoicing integrated with your other financial software
  • Easily customizable to professionally capture your signature style
  • Automatically generates invoice numbers for accounting ease
  • Saves details for repeat clients
  • Ability to send invoices via multiple channels to suit varying client needs
  • Connects with payment apps for ease of processing
  • Unlimited invoice creation and storage
Lili Invoicing Software and Invoice Generator
Streamline your invoicing and collect payment easily with Lili's Invoicing Software!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a photography invoice?
Do photographers use invoices?
When should you send an invoice for photography?
Is it normal to pay a photographer in full before the gig?

You can easily prepare a photography invoice using any of the free templates provided above or by using Lili’s Invoicing Software. Every invoice should include an itemized list of services provided and relevant fees, contact information for the invoice sender and recipient, payment instructions or options, and a unique invoice number.

To make this process faster, save a copy of a blank invoice that already has your branding and contact information incorporated (or simply add these details in the Lili platform). Consider what items will need to be updated with each new invoice, such as the specific photography package or relevant travel expenses, and save an invoice template with only those items left blank and ready to be filled.