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Introducing the New Lili: Reflecting Our Growth and Your Ambitions

Lili has transformed, realigning our brand to resonate with the aspirations and achievements of our entrepreneurial community.

By Lili • Apr 1, 2024

Since we started back in 2020, not only have our customers been growing and evolving, but so have we. From our beginning as business banking with simple expense management tools, Lili has gradually grown into a platform of smart financial solutions, combining advanced business banking, accounting software, and tax preparation tools. We pride ourselves on our ability to cater for business owners of all types – from self-starter entrepreneurs embarking on a new journey towards financial independence, to experienced entrepreneurs with multiple businesses looking to scale and attain new levels of success. 

To reflect this evolution, we have refined our brand to exude continuous growth, commitment, and ambition. From a challenger yellow and friendly light-blue, we’ve transformed our colors to a visionary royal blue with optimistic neutral white. This change reflects that we mean business – that is, your business. 

To further express our commitment to you, our customers, we have elevated our website to reflect visual appreciation of our business owners at work, and going forward, you’ll see more real customers in action and hear us talking about the ways we aim to help you grow and scale your business. There is no stone we plan to remain unturned in our mission to power our customers’ business growth, and you can expect more and more innovative features that support your continued growth as a successful business owner.

Join us on this journey of empowerment and growth—we’re eager to embark on it together.

Written by
Team Lili